The effects of AI empathic music therapy on psychosocial and cognitive functions of older adults: a pilot and validation study

Music therapy is an evidence-based effective intervention to promote psychological, social and emotional health, and it is specifically favored by older adults. However, little is known on the efficacy of the AI-assisted empathic music therapy in which the music is continuously adapted to individuals’ mood. To fill this gap, the proposed project will assess the added benefits of the AI music therapy (AIT) compared to traditional music therapy (TMT) in older adults. It is a 3-arm randomized controlled trial (RCT) in which 45 eligible participants will be evenly randomized into the AIT, TMT, or a no-intervention control group (CG). All groups will complete outcome assessments at pretest, posttest, and a 3-month follow-up session. The two therapy groups receive a 2-week music therapy (4 sessions per week, 30 min per session) between the pretest and posttest. The outcome measure data will be analyzed to assess the training benefit and its durability.

Kathryn Bolton;Sonja Givetash
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lixia Yang
Partner University: