Effects of Probio’Stick® and Diet on Health Outcomes after Chronic Stress Exposure

Research shows that the gut, the brain, and the collection of bacterial species that inhabit the gut (i.e., the microbiota) affect mental and physical health. Furthermore, stress seems to exasperate these disorders and this relationship may be explained by the unique connection between the gut, the brain, and the microbiota). In this experiment, we will examine how Probio'StickTM administration throughout the lives of rats can impact their response to unhealthy (high-fat or high-carbohydrate) diet and chronic, life-long stress). We are interested in how this probiotic may improve health outcomes related to diabetes, obesity, and anxiety in response to diet and stress. Through an industry collaboration, we are interested in helping Lallemand Health Solutions (Montreal, Canada) expand research on their probiotic, Probio'StickTM with respect to chronic stress and un

Elizabeth Myles
Faculty Supervisor: 
Tara S Perrot
Nova Scotia
Partner University: