Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide in a trickle-bed reactor

The Ph.D. intern will be involved in the research and development of improved CO2 electroreduction catalysts aimed at enhancing the commercial feasibility of a novel Canadian technology proprietary to the partner organization, Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd. The ultimate goal is to convert CO2 emissions from industrial sources into value-added products (e.g. formate) using Mantra’s trickle-bed electrochemical reactor. The combination of fundamental electrocatalysis with applied, engineering, research will provide great benefits that are otherwise unavailable to the partner organization in their effort to improve the catalytic durability and, hence, the commercial prospects. It is expected that the research undertaken by the Ph.D. intern will lead to new intellectual property further consolidating the leading role of Mantra Energy in the global arena of CO2 capture and conversion technologies.

Colin Moore
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Elod Gyenge
Project Year: 
British Columbia