Electrolyte Optimization for the ElectroKinetic Soil Treatment (EKST) Process

Soil contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants represents the largest waste stream in Alberta’s landfills. Electro-Kinetic Solutions Inc. (EKS) has developed the Electrokinetic Soil Treatment (EKST) Process to cost-effectively decontaminate soils onsite, instead of disposing them in a landfill. This innovative technology, based on the proven physics of electrokinetics, is effective even for fine-grained soils which are difficult to decontaminate with other technologies. The EKST Process involves mixing a customised electrolyte with the soil to facilitate the removal of the contaminants. The electrolyte “recipe” varies with the nature of the soil and contaminants to be removed. This research will develop a “catalogue of electrolyte recipes” for common soil types and contaminants, a key step in commercializing the EKST Process. Once commercialized, the EKST Process will reduce the cost to treat contaminated sites, such as abandoned oil and gas wells, and will reduce the volume soil disposed in Canadian landfills.

Mansoureh Rashidi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Anne Benneker
Partner University: