Embedding cultures of sustainability in the natural resources sector in BC

This postdoctoral study seeks to help Teck understand the practices that support and advance the company's sustainability, its employees' safety, Its collaboration with communities and Its protection of the environment. Through a series of case studies, the researcher will explore how Teck has managed the tension between regulatory compliance and sustainable innovation. The researcher will work with Teck to write case studies that highlight how individuals in the company have contributed to its sustainability, even when they were not required or incentivlzed to do so. Through these case studies, Teck will gain insight into how to place, support and reward different types of Individuals who help the organization achieve Itsinnovation and compliance goals, and who embed sustalnability in the company's culture. The lessons that emerge from the study will be shared with other natural resource companies to improve their, and by extension the Province's, sustainability performance.

Lisa Papania
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Stephanie Bertels
Project Year: 
British Columbia