Enabling all-printed, flexible large-area perovskite solar cells

Climate change has been a top concern of Canadians for the past several years. Canada is among the 3 top global CO2 emitters per capita. Our goal is to develop and commercialize a cheaper solar energy harvesting system to help Canada decarbonize its economy.
Silicon has the most mature technology in the photovoltaic market. Silicon solar cells are primarily used in solar farms or installed on rooftops. Their installation is costly and requires architectural modifications preventing tenants from using solar panels due to the lack or limited permission for any architectural changes. We are developing new cost-effective material, perovskite, to replace silicon and use it to fabricate portable, flexible, and lightweight solar panels. Portable and flexible solar panels have various applications ranging from aerial vehicles to self-powered wearable sensors.

Deepak Thrithamarassery Gangadharan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Makhsud Saidaminov
British Columbia
Partner University: