Enabling the next revolution in global food production through automatically labelled data sets and machine learning

We envision a future where it will be possible to lavish the same attention on individual plants in a large prairie crop farm as one might on those in a backyard garden. As camera sensors shrink in size, and self-driving vehicles continue to improve, such an idea is no longer the realm of science fiction. The remaining piece of the puzzle, however, is the need for a very large number of pre-identified images of crop plants and weeds with which to train a computer to recognize one from the other. Our research project is to develop the means to automatically generate and label such images and to make the resulting data sets openly available for Canadian researchers and companies. TO BE CONT'D

Michael Beck
Junyao Pu
Chen-Yi Liu
Maryam Bafandkar
Reid Lowdon
Faculty Supervisor: 
Christopher Bidinosti
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