Energy storage integration into electrified vehicle systems for shared and transit mobility applications

The deployment of electric and alternatively-fuelled vehicles in urban transportation constitutes a core component of current federal and provincial policies vis-a-vis Climate Action Strategies across Canada.
In the heavy-duty vehicle context specifically, the lack of standardized charging infrastructure combined with a lack of understanding as to the value of integrated energy storage devices to reduce or eliminate demand/delivery charges for high-powered charging constitutes an ongoing technology barrier to electric transit integration.
These important challenges will be addressed in this proposal through the partnership between the fellow and the Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium (CUTRIC). The active intervention of utilities and industry members will enable the researcher to capture proprietary data and technical information not normally available to academic researchers who are studying electrified transit and energy storage systems outside of industry partnerships.

Cristina Guzman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Richard Chahine
Partner University: