An Engaged Community for Shared Learning: Internships Contribute to Capacity Building in Northern Saskatchewan

The International Centre for Northern Governance and Development (ICNGD) was created to help focus attention on opportunities for building capacity in northern Saskatchewan. An overarching goal was to establish local to global relationships with the Circumpolar North in support of education, research and economic prosperity. The university, industry and northern communities work together to help students learn in an environment that is context based, relevant education and research in support of the north. The research mission is advanced through graduate learner training in community based, partner orientated internships. Learners are exposed to innovative leaders in industry and community development through initiatives such as internships designed to conduct community based projects. Most important to the design of the internship model is the potential for project outcomes to not only address social determinants but to inspire youth within the communities to further their education.

Amanda Wapass-Griffin
Mariia Iakovleva
Trishia Whiteknife
Lori Sparling
Sean Molloy
Mona Morin
Alana Ross
Dazawray Landrie-Parker
Eric Everett
Horatio Sam-Aggrey
Candace Widmeyer
Marcia Mirasty
Harold Carriere
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dwight Newman
Heather Exner-Pirot
Lee Swanson
Bram Noble
Lois Berry
Greg Poelzer
Loleen Berdahl
Brett Fairbairn
Ken Coates
Jeanie Wills
Karla Williamson
Lorna Butler
Priscilla Settee
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