Enhancing the charge speed, useable capacity, and cycle life of lithium-ion battery packs using a novel health-conscious fast charging and active balancing strategy

One crucial difficulty with fast charging lithium-ion battery packs is the possibility of battery capacity deterioration if not properly managed. Fast charging electric vehicles for example, should involve ensuring that each one of the thousands of cells are charged safely and are balanced to all the other cells if the range of the vehicle is to be maintained for several years. The most common way to safely charge and balance cells involves a lot of wasted energy and suboptimal capacity saving methods. Our proposed research deals with both these problems by closely managing the charging process as well as the health and charge discrepancies among cells while fast charging. Using a technology like this enables automated systems like vehicles or robots to last long and spend more time on the road as opposed to charging.

Olaoluwa (Joseph) Ojo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Xianke Lin
Partner University: