Enrichment Materials for Dollars with Sense curriculum

This research proposal will focus on identifying supplementary topics that will provide enriched learning opportunities for the Junior Achievement Dollars with Sense (DwS) middle school curriculum. The key areas to be investigated will include fundamentals of consumer credit cards, public stock market basics, and banks and banking. These areas are introduced in the Dollars with Sense program and this research project will seek to develop evaluative criteria, create and effective enrichment materials for two of these focus areas. Using a range of research techniques, data will be collected from classroom teachers, business professionals who volunteer as instructors, and middle school students as well as by analyzing standards from several different jurisdictions, and other financial course materials. This data will form the knowledge base for the creation of supplementary course materials in two of the enrichment areas for Coast Capital and Junior Achievement to publish and implement.

Mary Connolly
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Victoria Lemieux
British Columbia