Environmental Influences on Affordances for Risky Play in ECEC Institutions

This research project aims to develop a greater understanding of environmental factors that contribute to affordances in risky play for children in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) institutions in Levanger, Norway. The study will analyse observational data collected such as, semi-structured interviews with children and practitioners, video observations and field memos. All data will be analyzed for typology of risky play, degree of risk, and environemnetal components that afford risks in children’s play (Gibson, 1979; Little & Wyver, 2010; Sandseter, 2007). The intent the research project is to produce new knowledges about the physical environments that lead to greater affordances of risky play in Norway, that may provide useful information in Canadian context.

Patricia Obee
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nevin Harper
British Columbia
Partner University: