An Environmental Scan of Self-Management Interventions in Clinical Practice

One approach that is commonly used to treat chronic condition is self-management interventions. Self-management refers to the daily “tasks that individuals must undertake to live well with … chronic conditions” (Adams et al., 2004). To help people with chronic conditions develop the skills needed to manage their conditions, several self-management interventions have been created. Many of these interventions have been extensively researched; however, moving these research findings into the real-world is difficult since the real-world is much less controlled than the research world. To learn how self-management interventions can transition from research to real-life, we intend to examine how other self-management interventions have made this transition. We will accomplish this by conducting an environmental scan, a broad search of available materials, on self-management interventions used in clinical practice. Specifically, we will determine how the self-management interventions we find are delivered, regulated, and adapted to ensure access, quality, and fidelity.

Michelle Lehman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Tanya Packer
Nova Scotia
Partner University: