Environmental testing of existing and proposed ropeless fishing system line management methods

The proposed research will examine differences amongst existing and potential alternatives for storing retrievable buoy line/rope on the ocean floor in ropeless fishing systems. Prior research has yet to evaluate respective strengths and weaknesses of alternatives (i.e. spooling, coiling, bagged). The proposed research will test the various methods of rope containment at varying depths and water conditions. It is predicted that loose coiling methods may become tangled and unreleasable in strong underwater currents/tides. Spooling and bagged testing may show increased effectiveness in severe conditions. Ultimately, the benefit for Ashored will be the ability to validate which is the most effective rope containment system to integrate within their intelligent buoy system.

Aaron Stevenson
Maxwell Poole
Ross Arsenault
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jason Rhinelander
Nova Scotia
Partner University: