Evaluating and learning from a mind-body medicine course: A mixed methods study

This project learns from the experience of participants in an eight-week Mind-Body Medicine program (MBM). Mind-Body Medicine (MBM) teaches people how to help themselves by uncovering and engaging their inner resources and building resilience, broadly understood. The eight-week MBM program is delivered through the Iris Centre for Mindfulness, Peace and Healing in Fredericton. The research synthesizes the data gathered through two previous Mitacs funded projects. The first project analyzed nearly 1000 course completion surveys. The second internship involved individual and group interviews with participants, including participants who dropped out of the training. This present internship will synthesize the findings from both these projects, aiming to identify the strengths and limitations of the course as well as the effect of MBTs in the lives of participants. This research project will result in the production of a report and academic manuscript for peer review, with the intern as lead author. The research will support program development at the Iris Centre and contributing to the development of similar programs in the province of New Brunswick and nationally.

Rebecca Pearson
Faculty Supervisor: 
Albert Banerjee
New Brunswick
Partner University: