Evaluating grid modernization pathways, opportunities and emissions impacts

Across Canada, electricity is becoming a scarce resource as there are increasingly urgent calls to electrify fossil fuel loads. Furthermore, even if ample generation is present, the electrical grid will be unable to accommodate the increased demand. This research project will propose and investigate tangible solutions to optimize the power flow and usage within the distribution network so that existing electrical grid infrastructure will be able to deliver more energy with fewer losses, while ensuring the grid remains safe and stable. One of the interns will investigate best practices and methods to implement protection systems for bi-directional power flow within distribution networks. A second intern will investigate voltage control strategies to maximize the energy that the grid can deliver. A third and fourth intern will evaluate electrification initiatives, such as replacing furnaces with heat pumps, and demand management to minimize emissions in terms of cost and energy required.

Trevor Barnes
Faculty Supervisor: 
Taco Niet;Mariana Resener
British Columbia
Partner University: