Evaluating the impact of an educational arts program on adolescent socio-emotional and academic growth among inner-city, high needs schools

Capturing the impact of program performance on adolescent outcomes is an important way to understand the ways in which a program has best provided its services for optimal outcome success. However, there is limited literature on valid measurement of program success among arts-based educational programs. The project will undertake an outcome evaluation, which focuses on using evidence-based methods that can be validly and reliably used to capture adolescent outcomes that align with the program’s objectives. In other words, the goal is to align program goals and latent concepts, to measurable activities, ultimately informing observable measures that would indicate that a program’s outcomes are being achieved. Additionally, data will be gathered and analyzed throughout program sessions in order to measure program activities, outputs, and outcomes.

Sofia Puente-Duran
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kelly McShane
Partner University: