Evaluating the Impact of Robotics Education on Young Children’s Cognitive Development and Self-efficacy

Our project will be the first research in Canada that draws the techniques and resources from four disciplines - education, psychology, psychometrics and computer science - to investigate the effects of robotics education (RE) on child cognitive development, self-efficacy and enjoyment. Hence, our research findings will help Robokids School to understand the long-term effects of RE and to make a better decision on their investment. Robokids School will also receive a program evaluation report from this collaboration, which will help them to better understand the strengths and limitations of their RE program. The intern will have a variety of opportunities to receive interdisciplinary training from both academic and industry fields. The intern will mainly help with program evaluation and assist with some data collection (e.g., survey, eye-tracking, EEG). Additionally, the intern will work with the research team to develop one academic paper based on her/his work during the internship.

Sirui Wu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Yan Liu
British Columbia
Partner University: