Evaluating the potential for biogas production from beer liquid waste arising from a recycling plant

The beer industry is one of the oldest and high demand industries in the world. The major limitation associated with beer can recycling with its content is that it produces large volume of liquid waste that cannot be discharged to water bodies. The expired beer is unsuitable for to be converted as animal feed due to the health safety aspects. There is a need for recycling this liquid waste as it contains valuable nutrients and energy. There is potential for using the waste beer as substrate for biogas production thereby recovering energy as biogas and nutrients as organic fertilizer. There is also the possibility that the liquid supernatant of the anaerobic digestion can be used as hydroponic medium for growing crops. The aim of this research study is to evaluate the potential for recycling waste beer from a can recycling industry for biogas production for energy and nutrient recovery. Beer waste and food waste material characteristics which will be used for biogas production will be determined. We will design and conduct a number of lab experiments to find the best solid/liquid ratio, C:N, and retention time for maximum gas production.

Jerentulina Vijayarasa
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mano Krishnapillai;Lakshman Galagedara
Partner University: