Evaluation and design of a novel CO2 methanation reactor integrated into a Biogas upgrading facility

Wind energy is the fastest growing source of electricity in Canada. However, its supply is not aligned with the energy demand, thus energy storage becomes important. The Power to Gas process (P2G) is a promising technology in which electrical energy is converted into chemical energy (methane). Methane can be stored in already existing natural gas distribution infrastructure. Within the P2G process, excess electricity is converted to hydrogen via water electrolysis and subsequently converted with CO2 (biogas upgrading) to methane. This project will evaluate, design and build novel reactors (prototype and pilot-plant) for small scale that can be integrated into current biogas upgrading facilities, which are manufactured by Xebec Adsorption Inc. By developing a reliable CO2 methanation stage, the first-of-its-kind Canadian P2G pilot plant can be built, which would place Xebec Inc. at the forefront of the industry.

Mario Alberto Ascencio Pinedo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jan Kopyscinski
Project Year: