Evaluation of CO2 Storage Potential in the Deep Mannville Coals - Phase 2: Horizontal Well Simulation and Use of Subsurface Coal for CO2-containing Mixed Gas Component Separation

To support blue hydrogen economy processes that generate CO2 as a by-product, and greenhouse gas (GHG) sequestration studies in general, the injection and storage of CO2 into deep (~1500m), un-minable coal seams hosted in the Mannville Formation of Alberta will be studied. Using the successful proof-of-concept field injection pilot results from the first phase of research, application of horizontal wells to ‘scale up’ CO2 injection to commercial levels will be explored herein. In addition, the purification of effluents (through removal of CO2) generated by various industrial processes, by flowing them through subsurface coal seams, will be explored. These evaluations are of great importance to the partner organization because they require a suitable repository for CO2, which is a by-product of their hydrogen-generating process.

Chengyao Song;Yun Yang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Christopher Clarkson
Partner University: