Evaluation of Cryogenic Machining and High Pressure Cooling in Turning of Hard-To-Cut Materials

The main objective of this project is to investigate the performance of LiN-cryogenic technologY, as well as, high pressure cooling (HPC) in turning of hard-to-cut aerospace materials. The performance of cryogenic machining and HPC will be compared to flood coolant to establish the optimum conditions for each cooling technique, in terms of material removal rate, tool life, and surface integrity (surface finish, microstructure and residual stresses). Additionally, the performance of the MQL/cryogenic combined with Laser assisted machining (LAM), as well as, combined with MQL will be studied. The study will be carried out through experimental investigation, as well as, process simulation and modeling. Process modeling, through FEM and CFD, will help understand the fundamental aspects of the cryogenic machining (CM) process, and optimize the CM setup and cutting parameters to improve the productivity and the surface integrity of machined parts.

Ahmed ElSayed
Faculty Supervisor: 
Helmi Attia
Project Year: