Evaluation of a e-learning software with pre-service science teachers

This research aims to investigate the use of technology for science teacher candidates to master learning of laboratory safety content. The focus of this study will be on first and second year science teacher candidates who are expected to know laboratory safety procedures when they become employed, so as to ensure their and their students’ safety. We will compare content knowledge mastery of teacher candidates using the e-learning software to those who will be reading and discussing the document in class, at three different times: before instruction; 1 week after instruction, and 3 months after instruction. Using a mixed-method research design, we will collect and analyze quantitative (pre- and post-tests, retention test) and qualitative data (focus groups), aiming at better understanding the effects of this particular learning strategy on individual’s content knowledge mastery and retention and on their attitudes towards using e-learning software.

Kristopher Moroski
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lilian Leivas Pozzer
Partner University: