Evaluation of EAAA Train the Trainer Workshop and Study of Recruitment Strategies

The intern will analyze pre- and post-training survey and interview data from the SARE Centre’s EAAA Train the Trainer workshops in order to improve the quality of this training. These surveys/interviews assess trainees’ previous experience, skills, knowledge, and confidence in relevant areas as indicators of the workshop’s effectiveness. The intern will also conduct exploratory research to examine how best to recruit young women to register for the EAAA program.
This project will help the SARE Centre promote the dissemination of the EAAA sexual assault resistance program to secondary and postsecondary institutions around the world (our mission) by 1) improving the workshop to best prepare Campus Trainers (graduates of this workshop) to implement the program at their institutions in a way that maximizes the program’s effectiveness, 2) informing the development of recruitment strategies that encourage young women to register for EAAA programs.

Anne Rudzinski
Faculty Supervisor: 
Robb Travers
Partner University: