Evaluation of the impact of dairy food consumption on the incidence of CVD and osteoporosis and patterns of dairy food consumption among Canadians with CVD and/or osteoporosis

The new Canada’s Food Guide has created controversies about milk and alternatives consumption by removing it as a stand-alone food group. Recent evidence shows an inverse relationship between consumption of dairy products and risk of osteoporosis. However, evidence on the association between milk and dairy consumption and the risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) have provided inconsistent and even conflicting results. To address this knowledge gap, we aim to review the existing evidence in the literature to provide more strong evidence on the association between dairy food consumption and CVD and osteoporosis. We will then provide information on the consumption of various kinds of dairy products by age and sex groups using data from Canadian surveys. The interns will work closely with Dairy Farmers of Canada both throughout the project and at the knowledge translation stage, in which the scientific findings will be converted into infographics and information useful to the partner organization.

Mojtaba Shafiee;Pardis Keshavarz
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hassanali Vatanparast
Partner University: