Evaluation of LTD 3.0 Framework Adoption and Implementation

The Long-Term Development (LTD) 3.0 framework and its previous versions have been distributed by Sport Canada to national sport organizations since 2005 to improve participation and physical activity levels across the country, although the LTD’s acceptance and rollout has not been evaluated. Therefore, the purpose of this study will be to speak with national and provincial/territorial sport organization directors and community leaders as well as review relevant documents (e.g., athlete development policies) to understand how each side has put the framework into action and how it has impacted their members, funding, and international medal success. Our partner organization, Sport for Life, will benefit from this study by gaining a greater understanding of where sport organizations from the national to local level stand on the framework and how future versions can be changed to better serve these communities.

Jason Mergler
Faculty Supervisor: 
Leisha Strachan
Partner University: