Evaluation of NanoDendrixTM stability; phytoglycogen resilience in simulated oral cavity conditions

NanoDendrix™ is a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants by a patented green process developed in Guelph, Ontario. Recent studies have revealed many valuable properties and performance characteristics of NanoDendrix, such as its antimicrobial effects, which have wide-ranging implications for clinical use. The proposed internship will evaluate NanoDendrix for use in combating periodontal disease. First, the intern will evaluate the stability and functional performance of PhyoSpherix in conditions that mimic those of the oral cavity. Second, the potential to enhance the antimicrobial effects of NanoDendrix through combination treatments with other active ingredients commonly found in oral rinses and/or chemical modification of its molecular surface will be investigated.

Katarina Mandic
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Suits
Partner University: