Evaluation of PLO Micelles for Transdermal Peptide Delivery to Superficial Bone

This research aims to develop and test a transdermal delivery system for small bone healing peptide hormones. Peptides and many drug molecules do not usually penetrate the outer skin barrier, the stratum corneum, in order to treat the underlying body tissues. However, by using liposomal gel as a drug delivery medium, it is often possible to impart the transdermal delivery of several analgesic drugs, lipophilic hormones and even small peptides by using augmentative technologies. The Mitacs intern will be partnered with Edmonton-based Maxima Pharmaceuticals Inc, one of the primary local manufacturers of liposomal PLO gel cream base. That gel is used by compounding pharmacies across Canada to emulsify a variety of analgesic and therapeutic drugs. The intern will learn how to modify and tune phospholipid content and conduct experiments aimed at selective peptide transdermal delivery, notably to superficial shin bone surfaces beneath the skin.

Shadab Alam
Faculty Supervisor: 
Michael Doschak
Partner University: