Evaluation of Talking Intersections/Building Connections


Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (LGBT) migrants represent a growing, but under recognized component of Vancouver’s newcomer population. Service organizations and community groups for British Columbia’s LGBT communities (QMunity, LEGIT, Rainbow Refugee) are collaborating with settlement organizations to conduct the Talking Intersections/Building Connections project to build awareness and capacity for LGBT newcomer support. The Talking Intersections/Building Connections project, funded through Welcome BC, involves LGBT newcomers and service providers from a range of organizations in knowledge exchange workshops. The workshops are designed to promote dialogue and networking that will enhance individual workers’ competencies, and organizational capacities to provide settlement support inclusive of LGBT newcomers. As a MITACS intern Sharalyn Jordan will conduct an evaluation of the process and outcomes of Talking Intersections/Building Connections project. The evaluation will be conducted using a participatory approach, and a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods. The goals of the evaluation are to critically relflect on the process for future learning, and assess the changes in individual competencies and organizational capacities.

Sharalyn Jordan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Marla Buchanan