Evolutionary history of Cannabis sativa L.

Cannabis sativa is a multipurpose crop, providing us with fibers, seeds and medicinal compounds. Its current economic importance will likely drastically increase following its legalization in Canada. However, despite its economic potential as well as its long history of use by humans, we know very little about the evolution of this plant.
The purpose of this project is therefore to elucidate the domestication origin(s) of this crop by tracing back evolutionary trajectories using genomic data in order to understand the beginning of our shared history with Cannabis as well as the traces that millennia of uncontrolled hybridization and human selection have had on its genome. In addition, we will study the genetic basis determining the development of female and plant plants, a rare feature among flowering plant and an important factor for Cannabis growers.

Jana Ebersbach
Faculty Supervisor: 
Leon Kochian
Partner University: