Examining Higher-Order Cognition in Colombian Executives

This project is a collaboration between the University of Victoria and Tecnoquímicas S. A., an industry leader in the production of pharmaceutical and household products in South America. The goal of the project is to
psychologically characterize the executive leadership of the company (i.e., CEO’s). Specifically, the intern will utilize and further develop her expertise to help the collaborative team understand how complex cognitive factors
such as intelligence, problem solving, strategic thinking, and creativity relate to one another and predict professional achievement. Additionally, the intern will help promote knowledge sharing and future collaborations
between the University of Victoria, Tecnoquímicas, and local Colombian universities through the delivery of an academic lecture on the recent theories and advancements on complex cognitive functions (i.e., intelligence and
executive functioning).

Emily Duggan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mauricio Garcia-Barrera
British Columbia
Partner University: