The experiences of Indigenous school psychology trainees working with Indigenous communities

To date, there is little understanding of how to adapt school psychology practice to fit the needs of Indigenous populations. This project seeks to understand the current challenges that exist for school psychology practice with Indigenous peoples and what changes are needed to advance the practice. By completing autobiographical studies, Indigenous master’s students-in-training who will be working with First Nations communities and Indigenous students are uniquely positioned to consider how school psychology can better serve the interests of their people. Their reflections on the interests, needs, barriers, and processes they encounter can help to inform most effective-practice for the profession.

Tishina Shannacappo;Bernice Rundle-Hotomani;Georgina Moody;Tiadora Nienhuysen;Lisa Stevenson;Candace Wilson;Charity Sanderson;Sara Spence;Patricia Petti;Tanya McDougall
Faculty Supervisor: 
Meadow Schroeder;Elisa Lacerda-Vandenborn
Partner University: