Experimental design and optimization of perovskite photovoltaics for interior solar shade applications

While perovskite solar cell materials have shown remarkable performance and can be made at very low cost, their sensitivity to weather and short lifetime have prevented their use in large outdoor installations. Using these materials in interior solar shades instead could fix these shortcomings - removing their exposure to weather should improve lifetimes, and the simple indoor installation and replacement should make device lifetimes of a few years more acceptable. However, most current solar cell designs are optimized for out door operation, and the different lighting and temperature conditions require different overall designs. This project aims to address this, by optimizing the design of the device for interior solar shades. This will be done through a combination of experimental testing and simulations to find the optimal geometry and coating materials for these devices to maximize their operational lifetime and power production.

Sandeep Kajal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Eric Johlin
Partner University: