Experimental investigation of the influence of shear connectors on the effective flange width, strength, and stiffness of CLT-glulam T-beams

The overarching aim of this research is to develop fundamental knowledge of hollowcore mass timber (HMT) panels for long floor spans currently not attainable using conventional all-wood flat-plate floor systems due to the slab spans being limited by vibration and human comfort. The feasibility of HMT panels comprised of crosslaminated timber (CLT) for top and bottom flanges, connected to glulam webs using adhesive or mechanical fasteners is investigated by evaluating the effects of key parameters on the effective flange width of CLT-glulam T-beams. Simplified design equations and parameters will be developed and compared to existing methods. The findings from this study will provide insight for future research as well as parameters that need to be further investigated for the development of an all-wood mass timber structural system for long floor spans.

Tyler Hull;Paige Ackerman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Daniel Lacroix
Partner University: