Exploring adverse school experiences among underemployed young adults

This project explores the experiences of adverse school experiences among young adults who are underemployed and residing in a rural region of Southwest Saskatchewan. Adverse school experiences consist of distressing or disturbing experiences occurring within the context of schools or learning activities and can include academic failure, discrimination, or negative interactions with peers or teachers as a result of learning challenges. This study is conducted in partnership with SaskAbilities – Partners in Employment, a nonprofit organization that supports unemployed and underemployed individuals in attaining sustainable employment. This study is interested in exploring adverse school experiences that occurred among the adult participants during their formative years in Kindergarten through Grade 12 public education (K-12). This research assists nonprofit organizations that provide services to underemployed adults in improving access to services, supports, and outcomes for underemployed young adults, as well as to inform inclusive education practices for K-12 educators.

Kenyan Nagy
Faculty Supervisor: 
Conor Barker
Nova Scotia
Partner University: