Exploring a century of change through repeat photography on the Alsek River

Historical survey images of mountains, glaciers, vegetation, and river features captured during the 1906 Alaska Border Survey will be repeated on the Alsek River by PhD student Christopher Rhodes. The sites of the original images will be accessed by river rafting during expeditions with Canadian River Expeditions down the Alsek River. The goal is to track landscape and ecological changes using repeat photography. For the intern, this is a critical component of his PhD thesis. For Canadian River Expeditions, the images will provide interesting insights into the Alsek River for guides to disseminate to clients during rafting trips. The intern will write a magazine article about repeating the images that will increase the profile of the Alsek River and Canadian River Expeditions. Repeat images can be used by Canadian River Expeditions for marketing and as interpretive material.

Christopher Rhodes
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Natalie Ban
Project Year: 
British Columbia