Exploring the commercial application of genetically engineered microalgae strains for the production of high valued metabolites for aquaculture fish feed

With the demand for high quality farmed fish on the rise, we are also expected to deliver on greater supplies of fish feed. Currently, fish feed is manufactured by capturing small foraging fish in the ocean, which are converted into pellets. This practice hinders marine life by disrupting the natural food chain of larger fish. The proposed research aims to use microalgae as an alternative to forage fish. We aim to accomplish this by using genetic engineering tools to upregulate the production of nutrients that are necessary for fish growth and quality. An example is the fatty acid, omega-3 which we can produce in desirable quantities for fish pellet formulation. This proposed research will benefit the partner organization by bringing a novel solution to a market dominated by a dangerously archaic method, and showcase the organizations vested interest in greener and sustainable solutions.

Dilan Boodhai Jaunky
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nawwaf Kharma;Paula Wood-Adams
Partner University: