Exploring patient and provider perceptions to guide optimization of electronic order sets and digital educational platforms for cirrhosis care

People with cirrhosis, a progressive scarring of the liver, often experience frequent and prolonged hospitalizations which have significant impacts to their quality of life. There are many areas for improvement in cirrhosis care such as the enhanced promotion of complication-specific order panels like that for hepatic encephalopathy, a serious complication caused by a buildup of toxins in the blood and the most common cause of hospitalizations. This project will explore clinician perceptions on how the guideline-directed treatment of hepatic encephalopathy (alongside other common complications of cirrhosis) can be optimized using digital platforms such as the provincial electronic medical record and patient and provider directed education. Further it will act on these findings in an Alberta focused rollout of a Cirrhosis Care initiative. Lupin Pharma, our partner organization on the project, is the Canadian manufacturer of Rifaximin will directly benefit from this work as they will be able to (i) contribute to the enhancement of quality of care for cirrhosis patients in Alberta, and (ii) share the results with other jurisdictions and clinicians who wish to undertake similar initiatives.

Ashley Hyde
Faculty Supervisor: 
Puneeta Tandon
Partner University: