Exploring perceptions on the QUIT smartcase to guide continued development of this digitally enhanced technology for reducing and quitting dependence on e-cigarettes.

There is growing evidence that e-cigarettes, also known as vaping, have led to an upsurge health risk to young people in Canada, including long-term harm to brain development and respiratory health. Due to such adverse effects, more and more young people indicate a desire to quit. However, such desires often become unsuccessful due to the lack of resources available to assist young people in reducing and quitting e-cigarettes.
The objective of this research project is to explore young people’s perceptions of the “QUIT smartcase” for reducing and stop using e-cigarettes. The QUIT smartcase prototype consists of a case wherein a user puts their pack of cigarettes or e-cigarette into the case and schedule time for when the case can be opened to access them. A user study will be conducted to explore the usefulness of the QUIT smartcase prototype and generate recommendations to design fully functional QUIT smartcase for a gradual reduction of e-cigarette.

Zil Huma
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mohammad Khalad Hasan;Joan Bottorff;Laura Struik
British Columbia
Partner University: