Exploring the relationship that short-interval intracortical inhibition has with muscle fatigue, and whether induced short interval intracortical inhibition can be used to mitigate muscle fatigue during extended submaximal output

This project will look at if and how transcranial magnetic stimulation can be used to influence or delay either observed or perceived muscle fatigue in either continuous or non continuous exhaustive physical activity. The project also will conclude whether or not it would make financial senes, based on observed performance gains, to include transcranial magnetic stimulation devices to pair with with any future brain-machine-interfaces that are developed. In the future, Elorum robotics aims to enter the brain-machine-interface market with neuroprosthetic or similar offerings, and learning if coupling the prosthetics with TMS could give the company a competitive edge in the future.

Chioke Swann
Faculty Supervisor: 
Duane Button
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