Exploring the Use of Simulation-Based Learning with Community-based Settings to Promote Clinical Practice Competencies in Practitioners

This project seeks to answer the overarching research question, how can the use of simulation-based learning (SBL) within a community-based setting improve access to training and the development of clinical practice competencies in practitioners (e.g. social work/psychology students/professionals). The project will expand access to experiential learning within a community-based setting using multiple modalities within the area of SBL (live, in-person, virtual, and gaming simulations) to increase access to training and upskilling opportunities for both student and professionals. While innovative technologies are critical in promoting experiential learning in the classroom, they became essential in the context of the pandemic. With the exponential rise in child and adult mental health issues, immediate access to community-based mental health services for families has never been more pressing while at the same time resources to provide them have not been increased. This project directly targets a much-needed area for research in the service of increasing the availability of trained staffing resources for not-for-profit agencies.

Narmin Nikdel;Serge Nyirinkwaya;Olivia Cullen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Angelique Jenney
Partner University: