Exploring the value and viability of integrating webcam-based eye-tracking into user experience research

While it feels simple and easy to navigate a daily activity like drinking your morning coffee, in the background, our brain and eyes are tirelessly working to make sure we don’t spill our boiling hot brew each time we reach for a sip. By studying these kinds of simple movements, we’re given a window into the complicated eye-hand coordination system that guides us perfectly through our world. What’s more, these insightful movements aren’t limited to just the “real world” – there’s a lot of value in exploring eye-hand coordination in the online / computer-based world we reside in more and more. Our two industry partners, Neurosight and Scicovery GmbH both recognize the value of exploring screen-based eye-hand coordination. For Neurosight, a talent assessment company, exploring eye-hand coordination during different kinds of assessments will mean richer and more powerful online assessments for their clients. For Scicovery GmbH, the builders of an online scientific experimentation platform, exploring these measures while using their cutting-edge webcam eye-tracking software will mean shining a light on other uses and revenue streams for their platform, like user experience and market research.

Jennifer Bertrand
Faculty Supervisor: 
Craig Chapman;Gavin Buckingham;Tanya Berry
Partner University: