Express Scripting Technology: Scratch for SOTI SNAP and IoT

SOTI has developed a software product called SOTI SNAP that is designed to allow anyone to create an app with no programming or technical knowledge. SOTI SNAP allows users to drag and drop widgets onto a canvas and connect them together to create an app. Apps generated with SOTI SNAP have cross platform capabilities, they can run on Android and iOS based devices. Currently SNAP apps that require programming logic, must use JavaScript, but using JavaScript requires technical skills. SOTI would like to add a visual language capability that is similar to visual block programming frameworks like Scratch and Blockly. This capability would fit well with our zero-code goal, and minimal technical skill requirement for developing apps with SOTI SNAP.

Jamie Beverley
Sahil Narula
Faculty Supervisor: 
Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed;Khai Truong