Extension of Capabilities for the Measurement Radio Propagation Parameters in Cluttered 5G Coverage Scenarios

Work conducted during this project will involve the extension and further development of existing methods for detailed measurement and subsequent modelling of radiowave propagation characteristics in indoor environments at extremely high frequencies. Results will enable the determination of the powers, time delays, and angles of arrival of waves incident upon a receive antenna over direct, reflected, and diffracted paths between a transmit antenna and a receive antenna. Results from mathematical and statistical modelling based on the knowledge of wave parameters from the analysis of measurements can be used for improved efficiency and accuracy in the design of 5 G Wireless systems for greater information carrying capacity and more reliability. Research will also be conducted on the design of surfaces that can be deployed to enhance the reflection of waves around objects and through interfaces to achieve lower transmission loss, and therefore better-quality communication channels.

Mohamad Alkadamani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Robert Bultitude
Partner University: