Extraction of alternative biomarkers from a functional description of homeostasis

Type II diabetes affects around 9% of the North-American population. While it may be reversed by a change of life style and diet, it can cause irrepairable damage if left untreated. Tests that involve taking multiple blood samples are usually administered to find out if a subject has, or is at risk of developing, type II diabetes. We will develop an alternative test that relies on data from a wearable patch that estimates the blood sugar level continuously as the subjects go about their daily business. Three interns will develop the software to parse blood glucose data and extract the information we need to assess a subject’s blood sugar regulation. This work will strengthen the reputation of Klick Health as a leader in health tech innovation and, potentially, lead to the filing and commercialization of a patent on extracting early warning signs for type II diabetes from easily obtained data.

Eric Ng;Mei-yu Chen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Lennaert van Veen
Partner University: