Eye to brain to choice: Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying consumer behaviour

Project Objectives

• The primary objective of this project is to construct and validate an interactive eye-tracking system that can be  deployed at kiosk based automated consumer interfaces. This system will gather real-time idiosyncratic information about attention and current mental state, and use this to target messages to the consumer.

• Secondly, we will use a combination of eye tracking and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods to develop eyegaze behavior algorithms that can be used as an index of true preference in consumers

• Lastly, we will also pilot and validate (non-eye tracking based) behavioral testing paradigms that will facilitate effective marketing message delivery through targeting idiosyncratic attributes or affective states of consumers.

BEworks (industry partner) has partnered with Endo Networks Inc. to provide empirically driven strategies for intercept marketing. Endo's proprietary methodology uses self-serve touchscreen stations (EndoKiosks), which accomplish a portion of the consumer dialogue, allowing Endo programs to reach more consumers within the same budget and time constraints at numerous locations such as marketing events, shopping malls, office towers etc. Endo Networks operates in every major city across North America; it is estimated that more than 300,000 consumers engage in Endo programs every month.

Supriya Syal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Adam Keith Anderson
Project Year: