Eye-tracking based early detection and monitoring of neurodevelopmental disorders in virtual reality environments

The metaverse and associated technologies are opening up a wide array of opportunities, including ones that allow for the advancement of personalized medicine. This project will use a common feature of modern virtual reality headsets, eye tracking, to provide screening and monitoring of two very common conditions in Canada and the world at large: autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyper disorder. This adaptation will allow soon to be common virtual and augmented reality headsets to provide beneficial information to both care providers and the individuals living with these disorders. Nomad XR will then explore the best way to commercialize and scale this technology to make it as accessible as possible, while providing a revenue stream to itself by (1) licensing the technology for clinical usage and (2) exploring subscription style apps.

Mozhgan Salimiparsa;Brent Davis
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jody Culham;Emma Duerden
Partner University: