Fabrication of Smart Clothing: From Machine Learning Approach to Fashion Design Concepts

Nowadays, wearable devices attract a lot of attention, especially in the healthcare field. But translating all devices to wearable devices always comes with challenges. Some of the challenges are lack of knowledge about the application of different materials in smart textiles, limitation of developed smart textiles in practical application, no significant dedication in designing clothing by considering the limits, etc. So, this proposal is trying to address those gaps. In this proposal, a material selection algorithm will be developed based on the machine learning approach, and then the outcome will be used in designing a collection of clothing. This design will consider those limitations and the applicable functionality of smart textiles. In the end, well-looking clothing with selected materials and practical functionality will be showcased.

Seyed Mohammad Ali Manzourolajdad;Maryam Dehghani
Faculty Supervisor: 
Hadis Zarrin;Kate Hartman;Nick Puckett
Partner University: