Facilitating Canadian NGOs’ participation in Knowledge Mobilization: A Key to Enhancing the Societal Contribution of Academic Research

Annually, governments worldwide invest a lot of money from public budgets on research projects to solve societal challenges. Still, there is a huge gap between research-produced knowledge in universities and policies and practices in society. One challenge to increasing societal impact is aligning research projects with the needs and challenges of local communities. This project investigates the potential role of NGOs in informing research projects about the local challenges by using an online web-based platform. For this purpose, this project will evaluate the needs and priorities of both NGOs and researchers, and it will develop and test a platform to facilitate knowledge mobilization between them. This project will produce a detailed understanding of NGOs’ participation in knowledge mobilization and their role in increasing the relevancy of research projects to local needs.

Hamid Golhasany
Faculty Supervisor: 
Blane Harvey
Partner University: