Faculty Attitudes towards the Internationalized Classroom in Chinese Universities

An “internationalized classroom” is a space wherein many of the tensions, possibilities and change factors inherent in the internationalization process are expressed in relationships between and among host students, international students, and instructors. The proposed research is part of a Canada/China comparative study on faculty attitudes towards the internationalized classroom. During Li Mao’s research trip in China, she will study the Chinese faculty in Beijing Normal University (BNU). Her work will focus on a number of specially designated first year classes for first-year international students offered BNU. The aim of the study is to learn, from BNU instructors’ perspectives, how international students, domestic students, and instructors are faring together in China’s “internationalized classrooms.” More specifically, the data will explicate: faculty’s understandings of internationalization, the challenges experienced by faculty in the internationalized classroom and the instructional/institutional supports that the faculty require to further the aims of the internationalized classroom.

Li Mao
Faculty Supervisor: 
Joe Wu
Project Year: 
Partner University: 
Beijing Normal University